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Game Time Miniatures was founded in 2014 by the Father and Son team of Karl Treier, and Mitchell Treier. Karl has been a die hard miniatures and board wargame gamer for over 40 years, originally gaming with Airfix HO WWII scale figures and models, and then Skytrex and Ros & Heroics 1/300th Modern era figures and models. Karl now possesses massive 15mm Flames of War German and Russian Late War armies, a large Dust Tactics Allies army, a growing Dropzone Commander Resistance army, and a Bolt Action German Fallschirmjaeger army. Mitchell acquired his passion for miniatures gaming from his Father over the last decade. Mitchell possesses a Dust Tactics SSU army, a Dropzone Commander PHR army, and a Bolt Action German Veteran Grenadier army, he also enjoys fantasy card and RPG gaming genres.

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Game Time Miniatures
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Game Time Miniatures is an online and brick and mortar retailer with our store and shipping warehouse located at the address above.